Class Information

What To Wear

A mask. Please wear unrestricted clothing such as work out pants, leggings, tee shirts etc. Layers of clothes in the winter. I prefer that you work in socks , you work in bare feet at your own risk and please bring socks with you just in case we use equipment.

What To Bring

Anti-virus non bleach wipes.

Plastic bag to store mask in.

Double bags to take home used wipes.

Hand sanitiser.


Small cushion to support your head, if needed, and a hand towel that you can roll up into a pad to help with certain exercises and use to help with stretches.

Water to drink if required.

Inhaler if you have asthma however mild.

Please Remember

It is OK to think “Oooh I can feel that ” BUT not OK to think “Ow! ”  Stop if you feel any pain or discomfort and speak to me either during or after the class.

There is a lot to learn in Pilates so don’t get impatient with yourself – it takes time and practice to get the core engaged, the breathing pattern and the exercises/stretches together.

Please feel free to ask any questions either during or after the class.

It is OK to have a light snack up until an hour before your class.  Do not smoke an hour before and an hour after your class.  Better still do not smoke!

Please arrive 5 minutes early for your classes.  

Enjoy Pilates – it is magic!