Amanda M                       

 About 8 years ago I became worried about my lack of balance after I had fallen twice. I decided I needed to do something, Helena’s class was local and I was aware that Pilates is good for core strength and balance. I contacted her prior to joining the class so knew what to expect and when I first started I was introduced to the other class members. Helena carries out a comprehensive health screening on all class participants and positively encourages people to initially work within their limitations, but then as they gain strength and experience to push themselves just a little more. She says ‘it’s okay to feel an ‘ooh’ but not an ‘ow!

I preferred the original location at Cockshutt which was a smaller and more comfortable room with good heating. The studio at Lakelands is far from ideal and can be very cold in winter, despite Helena’s best efforts to ask for the heating to be put on earlier to warm the studio. It was unfortunate that the costs at Cockshutt were increased to the point that classes there would not have been viable.

I very much enjoy the classes. Helena has always prepared a routine which is followed for a 6-week block. Each 6-week block consists of the main core exercises, but then concentrates on a different area of the body. Helena always pitches her instruction to fit the experience of the class and gives a range of different levels so that more advanced people can challenge themselves, without making less experienced people feel under pressure. Within the general lesson plan Helena also allows some leeway for extra exercises and for a bit of fun too! Helena puts a great deal of effort into planning and preparing varied and interesting routines, but also builds some flexibility in to accommodate all levels of experience.

I very quickly noticed a change in the shape of my body. Pilates is not about weight loss but about making the muscle structure more effective and supportive, however my body shape is more balanced and I look as though I have lost weight. Muscles are now longer and stronger, my balance has significantly improved and my core strength is excellent.

I feel relaxed but energised after the class.  It takes a little while to ‘come down’ but I always sleep soundly.  One of the extra benefits of Helena’s class for me is that it is one hour in a very busy week where I can shut out the rest of the world and focus on myself. I tend to work with my eyes closed as I feel that helps me to really focus on what my body is doing with no visual distraction.

Helena also uses pleasant non-intrusive background music which enhances relaxation.  She is extremely knowledgeable about her subject and undertakes regular Continuing Professional Development to refresh and update her knowledge and skills.

I would recommend Pilates to anyone – it’s not an easy option but you will soon see results. Helena makes everyone feel welcome and, while the class is taken seriously, there is always time for a little fun and laughter.  Everyone is encouraged to work at their own level and no-one is ever made to feel uncomfortable if they cannot achieve a particular exercise.

If you live anywhere in mid- to North Shropshire I would recommend joining Helena’s classes.


 Audrey S-E

 I joined Helena’s class in September 2014 to achieve greater flexibility.  I was made to feel very welcome from day one, Helena is very inclusive in her approach. The class location is very convenient for me and I enjoy the class because there is a purpose but also humour and kindness between us all. I have noticed my core strength has improved and I am more flexible.  After the class I feel invigorated for life and it has helped my stress levels. I really enjoy Helena’s class, she is knowledgeable and experienced.


Catherine P

Starting Pilates with Helena has changed my whole attitude to fitness! I am 44, love running and fitness and a ‘no pain, no gain’ type of woman! However, within 3 sessions I feel more supple, taller and slimmer, I feel my whole body has been given a gorgeous tonic! People have even noticed I am waking taller.

My recent breast cancer diagnosis has given me time to explore other exercise – hence contacting Helena but I am so glad I have had the time as I will never stop Pilates again now – I owe it to my body and mind.

Helena is so inspiring. I am so glad to have found her to introduce me to a whole new world of fitness………..


Dorothy H            

I joined Helena’s class several years for health reasons and in particular painful and arthritic knees. I was made to feel very welcome, initially at Cockshutt, a smaller hall, and now at a school based facility which has mirrors and equipment such as stability balls, weights and mats.  I enjoy the class as the exercises vary developing muscles and core strength over a period of time.  The quiet and mindful approach allows me to focus on what my body is doing and where it is and what it is telling me.  Everyone is friendly in a very accepting atmosphere.

The changes I have noticed to my body.

  1. increased core strength.
  2. Much more body aware.
  3. Strengthened my leg musculature and now have no knee pain.
  4. Improved posture and knowledge of exercises, which will continue to improve it.
  5. I think my lung capacity has increased due to the breathing exercises we do.
  6. More flexible, and more aware of those muscles that need working on.

And I feel oiled and cool and calm.

It has helped to relieve stress because I can feel the difference and I know that I am doing what I can to help me and I feel more mobile and able and I have the ‘tools’ to keep improving.


 Penny D 

 I joined Helena’s Pilates class about 8-9 years ago as I had a bad back. I was made to feel very welcome and the venue has mirrors which helps.  It can be a bit cold there in the winter but this has improved recently.   I enjoy the class as the teaching is excellent, the people are friendly and there is a good variety of exercises so I don’t get bored doing the same ones. My back is now less sore and I feel stretched and relaxed after the class and less stressed.

 I had been in other Pilates classes in the South before moving and Helena’s are far superior.


Philip R                              

I joined Helena’s Pilates class in November 2015 as I wanted to improve my core strength and flexibility and to avoid injury.  I was made to feel welcome and the venue was a nice light environment with a varied choice of music. I enjoy the class as it is an hour of “me time”, where I can forget about the pressures of modern life.  My core feels stronger and I am more flexible and I feel relaxed and happy after the class.  It is a perfect way to relax, I cannot believe how quickly the hour goes. Helena is a good teacher, who is patient with a good sense of humour, which creates a very relaxed and informal environment. 


Sue G

I joined Helena’s Pilates class in August 2014 as I had a problem with my hip and wanted to do some exercise and my physiotherapist at the time recommended that I try Pilates. I found the classes extremely helpful with my mobility. 

I had a total hip replacement in March of this year and am convinced that Pilates aided my recovery as the exercises I had been doing before the operation had strengthened my core and strengthened the muscles around my hip. After 3 months’ recovery I went to Helena for some individual sessions which really helped. I am now back doing the weekly class for those with hip, back and joint problems and hope to re-join one of the main classes in the next few months.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Helena’s Pilates’ class to anyone.