About Helena

Previously a Senior Executive in Local Government Helena started to exercise seriously at the age of 43! “Don’t you think” Helena says “this is the age when suddenly everything noticeably starts to go south. You catch sight of yourself in a mirror and think who the hell is that? My mother?”

She was very active at school, a good runner and swimmer and liked to dance but wasn’t particularly good at it. Then the onset of boys, parties, alcohol etc! A long and varied career and two marriages later, Helena plucked up courage and joined a gym. This gave her the confidence to join a Yoga class, than an aerobics class, then another aerobics class and so on. Astonished by the difference exercise made not only to her body shape but to her confidence as well she decided to qualify as an Exercise to Music Instructor at the age of 55! Thereby proving it is never too late to diversify and learn a new skill.

Thoroughly enjoying teaching exercise classes in the community Helena resolved to gain a new qualification every year so she would have a good all round knowledge of fitness for all ages and conditions using different types of exercise. Helena 006She is now an Extend teacher (Exercise to Music for the Over Sixties and the Less Able of Any Age, a Fitness Pilates teacher and a Classical Pilates teacher and specializes in back pain, spinal conditions and common orthopaedic conditions.She is also qualified in Nutrition and Weight Management and Fitness in Pre and Post Natal Pregnancy. Helena sees clients on a one to one basis as well as teaching in the community and is also a Reiki Healer.