Class Timetable


Suitable for Beginners & Rehabilitation

Thursday 6.15 - 7.15


Suitable for experienced exercisers

Tuesday & Thursday 7.30 - 8.30


Lakelands Academy

SY12 0EA


£60 per 6 week course

£11 pay as you go

Payment is BAC, ask for details, or cash

Classes are run in continuous 6 week courses which must be booked and paid for in advance. Only book the classes you can attend within the course. For your first class just pay £10 and then you can decide if you wish to book for the rest of the course.

Class Information Important Please Read

What to Wear

Leggings, track suit bottoms, work out pants, socks (preferably non slip), sweat shirts, tee shirts, work out tops. Layers of clothing work well.

What to Bring

A non slip exercise mat, water to drink, a small pillow for support where needed, a hand towel long enough to support an extended leg.

What to Expect

If you are new to the Pilates discipline, don't expect to understand it straight away. There is a lot to learn. Make sure your instructor is aware of any issues that you have. Remember it's ok to think "yes I can feel that" but not OK to feel extreme discomfort or pain. Talk to your instructor. Please do not eat for at least one hour before your class.

The Venue

Come up the drive and turn to your right and you will see reception clearly marked. Parking is free and there is normally space available. Occasionally there is an evening event and parking might be challenging. I will let you know and the site staff are usually on hand to direct you.

There is an entry system at Lakelands and generally you have to be let into the building. Make sure you are at least 5 minutes early for your class, otherwise you will not get in!. My mobile number is 07963 289509 if you have a problem. However, I do turn off communication once I have started the class.

Please note all participants must complete a health and safety screening form BEFORE attending class. Click this link to take you to Health Screening.

Any questions call me 07963 289509